Victorian police bust alleged cockfighting ring in South Australia

Victorian police bust alleged cockfighting ring in South Australia


An alleged Victorian cock fighting ring has been shut down following a poli올인 119ce investigation, police have revealed.

The NSW Police Professional Standards Bureau conducted a search of an apartment in Newcastle, and arrested four alleged ring members last week.

Police said the men had been charged after three men were identified during a police raid on May 29 last year.

Investigators said the men had been working as cockfighters between the ages of 16 and 24.

The police raids followed a public inquiry into the allegations.

The officers have since interviewed three of the men, identified as Michael Poulter, 24, Matthew Turner, 19, and Jordan White.

Mr Poulter said: „They’ve gone through a lot and have had a lot of stress over this.

„If you ever see any of the clubbing videos I would get in a fight with one of them and end up seriously injured.“

They said that while they had been in Newcastle for two weeks with the intention of moving to another state, the clubbing was now on hold.

Mr White said: „We are absolutely terrified.

„I don’t want to go in there anymore… there’s no way I am gonna be with them because it’s just too much.

„I just want my brothers and sisters to go home.“

The men said they were not aware they were involved in the alleged ring, and said they had been told they would not be charged.

However마이다스카지노 police issued an amber alert on June 22 after the men turned up at an apartment in Palmerston North with a gun, claiming to have a „petsmart“ on hand.

The men handed over a loaded shotgu화천안마 화천출장마사지n to the officers.

Mr Poulter and Mr Turner later admitted police were involved in the alleged cockfighting ring and were now being paid $1000 by one of the members.

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