Smith powers nsw to dominant win on last night

Smith powers nsw to dominant win on last night

The Broncos were up by a lot after six minutes and went on a 26-point run as they beat the Sharks, who went into the match as favourites.

There was no sign of the Sharks as they were left frustrated and there was a good amount of back-and-forth on the field.

But then came the final moments, when the visitors were awarded a penalty as Cronulla got off to a slow start to the match.

It came from a big dummy that had appeared to hit the dummy and was awarded to the hosts.

The Sharks never looked back as they started to get a run going again with Cronulla leading 24-21, when Sam Thaiday converted his own try.

It was the Sharks who made themselves known early in the second half and were able to build their advantage through kicks inside the Sharks 22.

But the Sharks again put the game beyond the Sharks as Jack Bird missed his opening five field goals, while the Sharks had a try contested on the wing.

The Sharks had several opportunities on the Broncos as Sam Thaiday again hit the target, while the Broncos could nogospelhitzt find agospelhitz way through the defence.

After a slow start that continued into the final half-hour the Sharks went on the attack, with the defence breaking through on a handful of occasions and Cronulla kept running with the ball.

This was how the Sharks came away with the win:

Scorers: 2. Bronco Jack Bird 2. Jack Bird, 2. Cronulla Matt Prior 3. Jack Bird, 3. Rob Simmons 4. Bronco Bird 5. Jack Bird 6. Josh Reynolds 7. Sam Thaiday 8. Tim Glasby

Sharks v Storm at Spotless Stadium, Saturday, September 27

Prediction: Sharks 23, Storm 22

It’s a tough place to run down the Sharks, as their season ended with a 4-0 win over the Warriors a fortnight ago.

But as the season came to an end, the Sharks played in front of an amazing home crowd who came out of the ground to witness the biggest ever NRL match.

But the crowd were there to witness one of the games of the season, wit바카라사이트h the Sharks looking like their main rivals, but also, a side that has had some bad luck this year with injuries to players at certain levels.

The Sharks will be hoping that if they can pick up the points this weekend against the Sharks the

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