Rudd wont move on building and construction projects to benefit Queensland

Rudd wont move on building and construction projects to benefit Queensland

Mr Shorten said Mr Rudd was a leader of the political 바카라사이트establishment who was willing to put Queenslanders first.

„He’s just trying to run this country to avoid responsibility for his own government,“ Mr Shorten said.

„He’s got to stand up to him.“

Mr Rudd, who was elected in 2011 and had led the party since the early 1990s, has refused to respond to Mr Shorten’s call.

Mr Rudd on Monday called on the Coalition to release the „unvarnished“ truth on climate change.

Speaking to reporters at a campaign event in Hobart, he said the Coalition had always had a clean air agenda, „even when they would be talking about dirty coalmines and polluting coal plants and smelter owners“.

„But on that issue we have always made a clear statement that there is no debate on climate change,“ Mr Rudd said.

He defended his record of climate action, telling the media he „did absolutely nothing“ when Labor was responsible for a failure of government to bring the carbon tax to life.

Mr Rudd said it was time for the Coalition to accept the fact it was the Liberal Party that was responsible for the damage being done to the environment.

„The Liberals have been a party of climate change denial for the last five years,“ Mr Rudd said.

„Let’s go back and put forward an action plan to stop carbon emissions that is in reality one of the most successful in the history of the world.“

Mr Rudd also accused his fellow Coalition MPs of fail바카라사이트ing to stand up to „the Liberal Party“ on climate policy.

He said the opposi더킹카지노tion Leader was „part of the problem“.

Earlier Mr Rudd claimed Labor could not stand up to the Liberal Party.

„I am not prepared to take the blame for this,“ he said.

„I am the leader of the Labor party and I’ve led the party for 30 years and I’ve always said that the Labor Party will stand up for the environment.“

Mr Shorten, who has been the opposition leader of the minor Labor government in Australia, said his party had failed to stand up to the Liberal Party in the past and would „not allow any more of this“ to happen to Queensland.

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