Melbourne council to bulldoze newly renovated scout hall and build new school

Melbourne council to bulldoze newly renovated scout hall and build new school

A new high school for South Melbourne will be built at a cost of $1.9 billion but the council will텍사스 홀덤 not accept up to $200 million in taxpayer funded loans to get it done.

Plans to upgrade the Scout House, which was opened in 2015 and is in its 17th year, were announced in 2015 after it gained acceptance from South Melbourne council.

The Herald Sun has heard the council will not accept up to $200 million in government funding to allow a company called Melbourne Trades Council to build the school on former Caulfield Street.

Melbourne council rejected its own application to the State Government to use about $3.4 milli골목on from its Department for Primary Industries funding budget for new school infrastructure.

Council says it wants to use state money to build a school on former Caulfield Street and the proposed site in Sydney’s east

Mr Bayswood said Melbourne Trades Council was also seeking State Government funding to make the site „significantly different“ from Caulfield Street, a site on which the school would also be built.

But this application is due to the State 바카라 게임Government in a letter sent today and is expected to receive formal notification this week.

The council refused to provide additional information, including the exact cost of the school to build, about its applications.

It’s a question of priorities and it would probably be more effective if we were just getting more people to our wards and making them pay up for our infrastructure than what we’re seeing with the current council funding arrangement. Councillor Ben Bayswood

Melbourne Trades Council has the right to spend up to 80 per cent of each application budget allocated through the state’s Department of Primary Industries.

But it has been asked to stop raising or spending more than its allocation. The council says its application to the department for State Government funding was granted.

The city of Melbourne’s decision to abandon its own application for state funding to build the school was not discussed and it is not clear whether the $200 million figure was discussed or used.

Mr Bayswood says that was about two years ago when Melbourne Trades Council approached the state government’s planning department, then under the former Labor government, asking it to set aside funds for their project.


He told the current State Government administration was responsible for that request and when it became apparent the state needed to spend more on schoo

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