Its forever reddy hue that is now worn by it

Its forever reddy hue that is now worn by it

The beautiful light with the faint, blue glow on my eye

Is now my first thing of interest as I make my way up the stairs

I walk away and there in the distance I hear what’s so familiar about

I turn to look

There is the white, clean room in which I am now, where

I was born and raised,

I have a place of comfort to call my own

I walk across to a table for my father (I guess that’s where he kept me and got me all my food) and place my hands on the metal shelf to grab my phone, take my camera and start snapping

Nonatyasastra.comw here is my goal,

to do what I did so many, many years ago,

to put all of my memories together in order to tell the story of this one event

A few years ago I moved into a new house,

I found some flowers for it and put them to use, to make the house

that I’d been living in for years even worse,

A door that I could no longer get on to, or use,

It was broken with one of the window frames, and I remember sitting there with this sad look on my face,

as I read the name

of what had happened to me

I know now

that I was murdered on September 30, 2001,

on the d바카라ay that my father was killed as the cause.

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