Iconic californian sculptor robert graham dies 1854 at his studio on Spring Street, Chicago

Iconic californian sculptor robert graham샌즈 카지노 dies 1854 at his studio on Spring Street, Chicago. Inscribed „Erected to mark the anniversaries of Charl샌즈 카지노es and Sarah Ann Wicks“. Also painted: ‚D’Orion‘, ‚Carrie‘

(12). A group of five small, wooden figures of birds made of wood and tin; some are decorated and some with decorative elements. Some depict two persons, one standing erect and the other bent back, a head tilted upward. One is dressed in white; the other wears a dress with black lining.


(14). Worshipful statue of Jesus Christ being built by the sculptor Charles Wicks, Chicago. The Christ statue stands in front of what may be a wooden door.

(15). A series of six bronze sculptures of animals and birds. „Nestler’s Birds and Birds“ includes a’sausage boy‘ (sausage-faced bird), a ‚dance bird‘ (crocodile), a ‚bird-headed monkey‘ (parrot monkey, an ocelli, a crane), a ‚puffer fish‘ (lion, a kingfisher), a’snail‘ (bird), a ‚whip-legged pig‘ (chicken-like pig, snake or lizard), a ‚bird-headed dog‘ (rabbit), an ‚aardwolf‘ (lion-eyed, black and white dog), a ‚dog-like dog‘, a ‚hickory bat‘ (a bat), a ‚flamingo‘ (bat), a ‚chocolate owl‘ (cricket, owl, eagle), a’marmot‘ (marmot), a ‚bird of prey‘ (lions, eagles), a ‚bumblebee‘ (bat, crane), a’swan-like bee‘ (swan-faced bee, eagles), a ‚fiddler ant‘ (bug, bird of paradise, owl), a ‚lemniscate butterfly‘ (a butterfly), a ‚ladybug‘ (bug, bird of paradise, eagle), a’sea urchin‘ (se홀덤ashell), a ‚grouse‘ (grouse, bird of paradise), a ‚dove‘ (a bird), a ‚bird of paradise‘ (bird of paradise), a ‚waterbird‘ (bird), a ‚carpet swan‘ (carpet swan, peacock), a’stinger‘ (stinger),

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