Gillard to fight for carbon tax and ‚troubled‘ Australian trade deal Read more

Gillard to fight for carbon tax and ‚troubled‘ Australian trade deal Read more

„It was a very challenging day and one of the challenges we are going to continue to overcome.“

Gillard said it was „extremely disappointing“ not to have her opponent in the battle for her party’s leadership.

„I will continue to be focused on working with all members of parliament and the Greens on the issues that matter to Australians,“ she said.

„But it will be the moment I leave politics and focus my attention on my duties as an independent senator to represent my community and to the country.“

Gillard said she still hoped „to have a seat in parliament in 2019“ but added: „At this stage I am focused on the issues affecting Australia’s families, whether we are talking climate change, a sick system or우리카지노 a dysfunctional education system.“

Gillard told 우리카지노the Guardian that she felt she had made her point by opposing Labor’s „no-spend“ policy, saying the current „polarisation“ of the campaign was unfair, and that „the public are on the side of those who do care about climate change and clean energy.

„For those of you who have watched this campaign for two years, you have probably come to the same conclusion that I did: when it comes to climate change, the public have more faith than the Labor party and I think that’s sad.“

The Liberal leader said she had no regrets about the party’s decision to field a woman.

„It is all about making sure the party has one voice in the campaign, having a very visible, powerful, effective voice and we are going to continue that,“ she said.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Jacinda Ardern with Malcolm Turnbull at her swearing-in ceremony at Pa바카라사이트rliament House. Photograph: David Crosling/AAP

Labor leader Bill Shorten told Guardian Australia: „I’m sorry Ms Gillard left the race so quickly – that’s why we had to have a re-run. I think that the electorate are disappointed by her decision.“

He also acknowledged that the Liberal-National vote had swung back to the government because of the carbon tax but he said the government needed to do more to reduce emissions and improve the health of Australians.

„To make good decisions and build a stronger economy requires policies and actions which improve our climate, not merely to address the immediate impacts but to move forward to help the whole country move on as a global leader,“ he said.

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