Councils lobby for infrastructure funding to help fund the construction of new trains

Councils lobby for infrastructure funding to help fund 더킹카지노the construction of new trains.

„We were very much focused on getting a rail system where people are able to get to work, an바카라d it’s important in this city that we got it right from the get-go,“ said Mayor Kenney. „I hope we’re doing the right thing moving forward. But in this case, you’re going to have to buy the tracks from somebody.“

The TTC budget is more than $40 million over budget and over five years delayed. The agency, which already faces jarvees.comtough budget challenges from a growing shortfall of millions in federal and provincial funding, faces increased financial pressure as the public purse continues to increase.

According to a government source, the budget was set for an April 2012 payment and not an August 2011 payment.

By September 2011, the TTC had received an October 2011 „precautionary“ notice from the city of Toronto, which prompted Toronto police to suspend the project for 60 days. After the suspension, the delay continued.

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