Act swine flu tally hits 17M, but there is a warning not to panic

Act swine flu tally hits 17M, but there is a warning not to panic

After the weekend’s온 카지노 record flu-related fatality – the 17th one recorded in the region – the UK’s Health Protection Agency (HPA) issued a reminder today to avoid making premature plans for trips abroad in the next 12 hours or else risk being exposed to „hiv-related“ infections.

It warned anyone going abroad by plane, rail 슈퍼 카지노or boat should get checked up for risk of contracting Ebola, in addition to other infections.

„Avoid all air travel, as much as possible,“ the HPA warned in a statement. „Stay off the road, especially on the roads outside of the Ebola zone. Consider staying away from crowded places and using other safe, sanitary precautions.“

Some of the most feared Ebola virus outbreak could be in the UK — The Independent (@Independent) September 5, 2014

A spokeswoman f인천 출장 안마or the HPA told the BBC: „We’re warning people now, even in the best of situations, to plan their travel for today. They should get the latest advice from their GP, travel agency or clinic.“

This follows the death of an elderly couple who travelled home for the holidays from West Africa to the US and Ireland on their way to see their daughter. Although they were in no danger, they were the first in a line of Ebola victims from the epidemic.

The couple’s health had deteriorated following a recent procedure to remove a lump which had developed into an infection. They had a fever of 115.4C while the patient was in hospital, prompting emergency services to call off air travel.

The World Health Organisation said: „We have not experienced a case of Ebola transmission in humans within our organisation since 2001 but in 2011 a man with Ebola died in Zaire. It is imperative that all Ebola victims get their medical help and we have a national health emergency prepared response in place across Ebola hotspots.

„We know, as the WHO continues to improve this vital public health response, that public health services are of critical importance and our focus should be on reducing risks and reducing infection,“ said Philip Jones, WHO deputy director-general, in a statement.

The WHO is urging healthcare workers to work with victims of Ebola to keep them safe.

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